Moving Tips

Following are some hints for a smooth removal

Date planning

It is important to plan your appointments and tasks in advance. Determine in advance which tasks and work are to be performed by whom. Coordinate which craftsmen, movers and removal helpers are needed at a given time. Do not forget to submit the notice of termination of your previous apartment.

Financial Planing

Collect all invoices (for example, for ads for apartment search, renovation, new wallpaper us all other costs), in case you want to submit them later to the tax office.


The deposit serves as security and according to §515 Abs.1 BGB this may amount to a maximum of three monthly rents.


The forwarders´s liability, which is based on the value of the removal goods, takes effect in the event of damage or loss of the goods. Therefore, you should check the goods immediately after delivery. Damage noticed must be reported to the forwarder in writing within ten days.

Rental contracts

The sample contract of the German Tenants' Association is recommended here. If you decide to use a different contract, have it checked by a professional.


The notice of termination should be submitted by registered mail with return receipt. Please note that energy and water suppliers still have enough time to read the meter.

De- / Re- / New-Registration

When you deregister at the Residents' Registration Office, you will receive a certificate that you will need to register your new place of residence. Other offices that deal with deregistration or re-registration are: School, telephone provider, motor vehicle office, post office (forwarding request). It is also important to send the new address to the insurance companies, child benefit fund, health insurance fund, tax office and employment office.

Furniture arrangement plan

Draw a sketch of your apartment and think about where best to place your furniture. Note the direction in which the doors open in your apartment and where the sockets are located.

Apartment handover

Arrange an apartment inspection and a handover date with your previous landlord and clarify in advance what condition the apartment should be in, i.e. should walls be painted white, etc. Afterwards, draw up a handover protocol.