Removal materials

As in so many areas of life, the same applies to moving: having the right tools and materials makes the job a whole lot easier!

We use environmentally friendly, recyclable packing material. Our slogan: “Moving in harmony with nature”. Our offer includes among others for example:

  • Removal boxes in different sizes
  • Special packages for
    • Porcelain
    • Lamps and chandeliers
    • Flatscreens and monitores
    • Computer
    • Mattresses
    • Upholstered furniture etc.
  • Lockable containers for confidential files and valuables
  • Floor protection cover
  • Outdoor elevators

For the most part, these products are available to you either for rent or purchase.

To minimize the risk of transport damage we advise you on the right preparation and type of packaging, without obligation and free of charge.